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We offer holistic solutions for the creation, design development, implementation and promotion of lifestyle-driven concepts for restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and resorts. .

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RUNIZE HOSPITALITY is dedicated to providing exceptional hospitality services to our customers and clients. Our team is passionate and motivated to provide the highest level of excellent customer service. We strive to create extraordinary experiences by personalizing our service to your individual needs.

Our goal is to make your visit with us a positive and memorable one. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you with any questions or concerns. Experience the luxury of RUNIZE HOSPITALITY and let us make your event unforgettable.

Our expertise ranges from a business plan, concept development to conducting financial feasibility, securing location, interior design, brand identity development, to out contract tendering, accounts, recruitment to training and menu design, among others.

Our Services

Beyond Expectations, Beyond Limits

Menu Pricing Engineering Consulting

Menu pricing is difficult. Price too high, and you’ll lose customers. Price too low, and you won’t make sufficient profits to support your F&B business. Whether you are a new or existing restaurant, allow our consultants to dive into the dynami…

FINANCIAL Hospitality Accounting Services

Hospitality accounting services play a critical role in the success of hotels, restaurants, country clubs, catering businesses and more. Hospitality business owners and operators have relied on our experts for their analytical skills and guidance with their accounting systems and controls.


Social Media Management and Managing of customers online Running Marketing campaigns and other digital media-related services. Social media management over the years has been seen to be a very important aspect of businesses in this era and this is why as

We are a consultancy managment company for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry


From modest beginnings to the present, Runize Hospitality has developed, deployed and implemented innovative concepts backed by its team of industry experts who possess decades of experience in the field.

As part of our strategic role, Runize Hospitality not only provides consultancy but also focuses on business development, sales, marketing and operations of F&B ventures in Nigeria and Africa.