Hello Mr Raman!

Welcome To Your Project Launch Guide!

I am so excited to have you on board

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on developing your new website.

This page serves as the first step in our journey together and will outline our project, what to expect. our process and all the details you might need to have a smooth working experience


01. Kick-off

We schedule a kick-off call where we dive in depth into your organization. we also gather requirements, create a sitemap and wireframes. This is a vital step that will inform the way we approach visuals.

02. Design Direction

We then move to establishing general visual directions. this will give you a living idea of what the concept will be. we have 2 round of revisions just to get it right.

03. Revision & Build

Once we are happy with the core design, using the two revisions included if needed, we move to building out the website into necessary supporting materials. The final step is to launch the site

04. Hand Over

You will receive Video walk through of your website, how to setup specific things, create new page,s add contents and more.

Managing Expectations


Slack, Trello, Google Chat, WhatsApp


2-3 Business Days

Project Management

We manage our project on a tool called Trello. this will allow you to see what we are working on at any given time. you will find tasks and notes in your dashboard which will be provided during the kickoff call.

Revision Cycles

In order to keep the project running smoothly, revision cycles will happen in phases and feedback. If you would prefer to revert  via video or a call, please request this. All feedback calls are recorded for reference. We kindly ask that feedback is delivered within 3 business days in order to keep the timeline on track

Thank You!

Looking Forward To Working With You.

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