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Design, Engineer, Deliver: Hals International Inc, Your Turn-Key Solution for Extraordinary Projects

Hals International Inc specializes in the development, engineering, production, and delivery of turn-key systems and components. For your specialty glass and metals projects, we’re here to help.

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Hals International Inc
Our Tailored Services

01 Architectural Glazing Solutions

Explore a world of possibilities with our architectural glazing solutions. From stunning structural glass walls that redefine space to intricate canopies that blend form and function, we specialize in transforming spaces with transparency and elegance.

02 Innovative Flooring and Stair Systems

Step into the extraordinary with our innovative flooring and stair systems. Our designs not only prioritize safety and functionality but also add a touch of architectural sophistication. Experience a seamless integration of style and structural integrity in every step.

03 Specialty Glass Make-Ups

Entrust your vision to our experts in specialty glass make-ups. We excel in crafting unique glass solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s for aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, or specialized functionality, our team delivers cutting-edge results.


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Elevate Your Architecture: Hals International Inc, Your Partner in Bespoke Glass and Metal Masterpiece

We provide our services for both commercial and residential and you can also buy commercial glass and residential glass from us. When you need a group to provide shop drawings, calculations, and all the related materials for a system you can contact our turn-key/ single-sourced division. Through the past few years, we have become specialists in glass fin wallscable net walls, glass toggle wallsglass canopiesperforated aluminum panelsglass floors, glass railings, and windscreens.

Our Projects

Our projects include structural glass walls, canopies, interior art walls, handrails, floors and stair systems, perforated panel systems, and specialty glass make-ups. We are experts in one-of-a-kind glazing solutions.

Stoneleigh Waterford, St. Paul, MN

Product: Point Supported Glass Canopy
Scope: Design, Engineering & Material Supply
Completion: 2021
Glazing Contractor: LBM Stone and Metal Fabrication
Architect: BKV Group

333 Middlefield, Menlo Park, CA

Product: Point Supported Glass Stairs and Railings
Scope: Design, Engineering & Material Supply
Completion: 2022
Glazing Contractor: ACR Glazing
Architect: DES Architects

Park and Market, San Diego, CA

Product: Point Supported Glass Canopy
Scope: Design, Engineering & Material Supply
Completion: 2020
Glazing Contractor: Vision Systems, Inc
Architect: Carrier Johnson + Culture

about Hals International Inc

Hals International is the best glass company that provides you the a1 glass, full services and solutions for commercial and residential glass projects, specializing in the perfect design according to requirement, engineering, and supply of specialty glass and metal panels. Our extensive range of products includes insulated glasslaminated glassjumbo glasshoneycomb glassswitchable privacy glassspecialty frit glasspattern glass, and textured glass. We offer standard clear and low-iron glass in any thickness and with any treatment…..

At Hals International Inc, we don't just offer services; we provide solutions that redefine architectural possibilities

Our Mission

At Hals International Inc, our mission is to redefine architectural excellence through innovative solutions, unwavering commitment to quality, and a passion for transforming spaces into timeless works of art. We strive to be the undisputed leaders in the development, engineering, production, and delivery of turn-key systems and components, specializing in specialty glass and metals projects.

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