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Accelerating Medical Breakthroughs: Pioneering Clinical Research in South Florida

At FWD Clinical Research, we are at the forefront of advancing the development of new drugs and devices through our pioneering clinical research efforts.

Our commitment to the future

We are an integrated research organization (IRO) located in South Florida. We aim to lead medicine forward by making clinical trials more accessible for physicians, patients, and communities.

About Us : FWD Clinical Research

FWD Clinical Research is an integrated research organization (IRO) located in South Florida. We focus on advancing the development of new drugs and devices by conducting Phase II- IV clinical trials, in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

Our innovative research model is a combination of scientific and operational expertise that allows us to deliver high-quality clinical data in a timely manner. We integrate with private practice physicians and healthcare groups to provide clinical research access to their patient population.

Following our structure has demonstrated harmony and transparency among our physicians, sponsors, and patients.

We continue to focus on our mission, to lead medicine FWD.

Our vision is to be leaders in the community by providing insight, innovation, and engagement.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead medicine forward by delivering the highest quality clinical trial results.


Frequently asked

Before joining a clinical trial, it is important to do research on the study as much as possible. Discuss your concerns and questions with family members, research team, and all your physicians to determine whether the study is the best option for your health.

An independent ethics committee, known as an Institutional Review Board (IRB) are administrative bodies created for the sole purpose of protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects. 

IRB’s have the power to approve or disapprove particular research studies if they pose an unnecessary risk to potential study participants or if they study design is illogical. 

There are strict guidelines that have been placed by government authorities to protect research participants. Our research team gives complete and accurate information on the exact nature of a clinical trial. Prior to participating in a study, we provide an informed consent with thorough details on the trial along with any potential risks.

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