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Unlocking Potential: Developing Trauma-Informed Leaders for a Brighter Future

As both a coach and consultant, I take a Trauma-Informed approach to career and workplace development that is healthy, balanced, and most importantly, tailored to you

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Why EMPOWER Together?

What makes a Trauma-Informed Workplace so important?

Because we ALL have trauma.

It could be the big, well-known kind like abuse, sexual assault, or some other heinous event.

Or it could be the lesser visible, but all too pervasive, things like experiencing extreme poverty or neglect, living with a person who has an addiction or mental illness, or even the constant racial bias inherent in our societies.

And the reality is, we bring that trauma to work with us EVERY DAY.

Our organizations, companies, NGOs, and government agencies are built and made up of people who bring that trauma to work with them EVERY DAY.

And have been doing so for generations.

Let’s change that

Hello, I'm Desirie

I have extensive experience in the anti-trafficking industry, having worked for three of the most respected and longest-running organizations in the country.

I have led staffs ranging in size from five to 35, and under my leadership, more than 50% of employees were promoted to their first leadership positions.

I back up my years of experience with an MBA from the University of Houston and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, as well as years of continued education in trauma-informed care.

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Our mission is to provide a trusted marketplace and source of health and wellbeing information to be immediately integrated into your life, to have an impactful change in your quality of life.

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