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Constant Capital Partners Ltd

Constant Capital: Pioneering Africa-Focused Investment Excellence Since 2006

Constant Capital advises and represents private and public corporations, commercial and investment banks, government agencies and shareholders in financing transactions.

Constant Capital is led and predominantly staffed by investment professionals from Africa, with the cultural knowledge and language skills necessary for incisive assessment and effective execution on opportunities on the continent.

Leading the Way in African Investment Innovation

Expertise Meets Opportunity

Established in 2006, Constant Capital is an Africa-focused investment firm. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, Constant Capital is a licensed investment bank, issuing house, broker/dealer and asset manager in selected operating jurisdictions in Africa. Constant Capital advises and represents private and public corporations, commercial and investment banks, government agencies and shareholders in financing transactions. The firm has developed a reputation for executing on some of the most innovative transactions in Africa.

Our Core Responsibilities

What We Offer

We Advice

We have a deep understanding of the markets in which we operate and we do our best to offer our clients sound, conflict free advice from a team made up of some of the most experienced and innovative professionals working in Africa.

We Trade

We seek to deliver to our clients – institutional clients including Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Banks and Brokerages, Pensions Funds, Corporations, and Governments- with market insight, risk management and execution in trading securities.

We Invest

We empower the most talented minds in African finance with an unparalleled combination of deep fundamental research, macroeconomics, and on-the-ground, primary research to generate compelling investment themes. Constant Capital, evaluates opportunities and develops deal-critical insights in evaluating opportunities in the African markets it operates.



Maximizing Returns, Minimizing Risks: Constant Capital's Proven Investment Expertise

Constant Capital also evaluates investment opportunities in a wide range of assets, and identifies and pursues first-rate investments that present the greatest potential to maximize risk-adjusted return on investment. Our proactive deal originating capabilities provide investment opportunities generated through our extensive network of relationships.

We Believe in Ideas

Ideas, imagination and innovation are critical aspects of what our professionals bring to every engagement, trade or transaction. We believe intellectual capital is a key driver of economic returns.

Our Partner

We believe the key to our success is our partnership model. Our partnership fosters teamwork and long-term commitment.  Our Partners cultivate a culture of talent development, entrepreneurship, and meritocracy. This allows us to maintain an intense commitment to our clients, and identify and capitalize on opportunities in the African and international financial markets.

Discover the Magic of Moments

We believe that people matter

The talent and passion of our professionals is critical to our success. We share common values rooted in integrity and excellence. The firm places a premium on attracting superior talent and seeks to always employ the most talented, imaginative and innovative people working in Africa’s financial markets.

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