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Unlocking ROI Excellence: Afrissance Guides Your Projects to Success Through Prosci's Three-Phase Approach

With a commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities, we specialize in guiding companies through the intricate journey of benefits realization and ensuring a tangible return on investment (ROI).

Some of Our Clients

Comprehensive Suite of Services

01 Leadership Development and Coaching

Do you have the right leadership team?  The right culture?  Are your employees engaged, empowered and enabled?  The right leadership is key! Inspired liberated leadership will create the right culture, which in turn will create engaged, enabled and empowered employees.

02 Transformation (Strategy and Change)

Is your organization healthy? Is your strategy optimal for your environment? How well do you manage transitions?  We think effective Change Management is the key to success, we also believe that strong leadership enables average people, average companies to deliver outstanding results.  Our organisational health practice is focussed on helping you to build a healthy organisation.

03 Disciplined and Agile Execution

Having the right strategy is not enough, delivery is crucial.  Are you equipped to deliver successfully?

A disciplined Agile execution is what we bring to the table

Our Promise

Afrissance promises to be your trusted partner in achieving transformative change. We are dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of projects, providing a roadmap that not only meets technical requirements but also addresses the critical aspect of people adoption. With us, you can navigate change with confidence, knowing that your investment is yielding tangible results.

Our Difference

Why Choose Us

Our Approach

At Afrissance, we have mastered the three-phase process embedded in the Prosci Methodology. By seamlessly integrating the ADKAR model into our strategies, we empower our clients to transition their teams from the current state to the future state with clarity and efficiency.

about Afrissance

Afrissance stands as a beacon in the realm of change management, leveraging the power of the Prosci Methodology and the ADKAR model. We understand that successful projects go beyond mere solutions; they demand a holistic approach that prioritizes the human element.

Our team is dedicated to navigating the intricacies of change with precision and expertise, ensuring that your projects not only meet technical milestones but also lead to meaningful people adoption.

Value for Money Assurance

At Afrissance, we are committed to ensuring that your investment yields tangible results. Our proven methodologies and people-centric approach guarantee that you not only meet project milestones but also realize lasting benefits, providing true value for your money.